Only place  in Bled & Slovenia with all the best experiences under one roof!

T O U R S ∙ A C T I V I T I E S ∙ e B I K E  &  M T B  R E N T A L ∙ 歐 洲 旅 遊 行 程 客 製 化  中 文 導 遊 服 務

COVER LETTER: is a local collective of passionate travelers, who would like to share our piece of this Earth with you. We want to be unique and so are our trips & activities around Lake Bled area and rest of Slovenia.
In 2013 everything came together, with nowadays popular "5 by 5's.

Black Hole Kayaking™, Triglav National Park Tour, Vintgar Gorge eBike Trip™, Discovery Trail™ & Bled eBike Tour™.

We are also the specialists in Prophete e-Bike & KTM mountain bike rental in Bled. By the year we are adding more unique tours and trips you won't find anywhere else! Proudly all the feedback we get from our guests so far is right next to excellent, Perhaps one of the reasons to choose us for your travel is also that treats everybody like our friends!

We tend to work with smaller groups and not masses, so we are in the position to keep our quality high and with it, your maximum satisfaction. We wish that everybody is left with superb memories, then our work is considered to be done!

Our regular office hours are every day from 9 am - 12 pm and 2 pm - 7 pm, from 11/03 till 03/11.


Cheers from squad @Lake Bled, Slovenia!