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Slovenian Karst & Coast.



Visit Piran with, the most beautiful town on the Slovenian coast which grew with the help of salt. The Piran salt pans, where the world-class fleur de sel (flower of salt) is still produced today using age-old methods, were the reason why the picturesque Mediterranean walled town, with its church with a view and cultural attractions, flourished. 

The old port town with remnants of a medieval wall is protected as a cultural and historical monument. Narrow streets with closely constructed houses descending from the hill and its church to the central square on the coast only emphasise its Mediterranean character. This worldly coastal town, which developed under the influence of Venice, is considered to be one of the most authentic and most photogenic towns on the Adriatic coast.

The Škocjan Caves have featured on UNESCO’s World Cultural and Natural Heritage List since 1986.

Among all the world’s karst caves that are invaluable natural heritage, the Škocjan Caves are truly extraordinary. This is not just because of the planet’s largest underground canyon that astonishes every visitor – the Škocjan Caves Park is very recognisable for several reasons. Visitors can get to know the characteristic karst landscape, unique in the world, featuring the highest concentration of natural wonders and/or natural heritage in a single place, in the form of karst or other phenomena and sights. The distinct and highly diverse flora and fauna in this relatively small space add special value to the Park.

The Škocjan Caves Park is located in the far south-east of the traditional Karst, near the town of Divača. The Škocjan Caves system is a broad network of underground caves, passages, collapse dolines, natural bridges and swallow holes. It was created by the Reka River which, after flowing for 50 km on the surface, disappears in this location into the karst underground and reappears in water sources near the Gulf of Trieste. Its underground gorge of extraordinary dimensions is the most familiar part of the Škocjan Caves.

This mysterious world has attracted people since prehistoric times. The Park features many important archaeological sites, revealing the area was populated already a few thousand years B.C. The abundance of valuable archaeological finds from different historical periods testify to the spiritual rituals and uses of caves as sacred places. 


Some hiking included, so wear comfortable hiking clothes and shoes. The temperature inside the caves is a constant around 8 degrees Celsius.

A minimum of 4 guests is required for Skocjan Caves & Piran day trip. There is a possibility of cancellation after confirmation if there are not enough people to meet the minimum numbers. If activity is cancelled, you will be offered an alternate date or a full refund. 


Tour departs at various times from Lake Bled, inquire for the availability.


All the transfers, entrance fees, tasting, English guidance, provided by


Wear comfortable clothes, bring your smile and be ready to take some beautiful photos. Take some cash in case you want to have a meal, drink, buy some souvenirs.


Having some extra clothes with you in your backpack is always welcoming. is a TripAdvisor's "Hall of Fame" tour agency in Lake Bled, Slovenia. is a TripAdvisor's "Hall of Fame" tour agency in Lake Bled, Slovenia. is a TripAdvisor's "Hall of Fame" tour agency in Lake Bled, Slovenia. is a TripAdvisor's "Hall of Fame" tour agency in Lake Bled, Slovenia. is a TripAdvisor's "Hall of Fame" tour agency in Lake Bled, Slovenia.
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